Marketing Associate 👩‍💻

We’re looking for a highly motivated, fun-loving Marketing Associate who can learn quickly and isn't afraid of getting stuck in. The perfect role for an ambitious hard-working graduate.
About Yum Bug

At Yum Bug we make it easy to cook delicious insect meals at home – with our insect cooking kits delivered straight through your letterbox.


We’re on a mission to change perceptions and take edible insects mainstream. To do this Yum Bug is building a world-class team of fun-loving, ambitious people, and we’d love you to be one of them! 


We’ll be launching a viral campaign called the #YumBugChallenge – which will challenge people to try insects for an environmental cause. There’s more on this below.

Why insects?

Insects are one of the most sustainable proteins in the world, and we believe that they can play a huge role in our fight against climate change. They use minimal resources and provide maximum nutrition; in comparison with beef, insects provide 3 times more protein and emit 1800 times less CO2.

What is the #YumBugChallenge?

The challenge looks to generate hype and raise awareness of edible insects, whilst doing good and raising money for an environmental cause in the process.


The rules are simple: participants will post a video of themselves eating crickets on social media and challenge their friends to do the same. Those who chicken (or bug!) out will have to donate to an environmental cause, in a similar way to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago.

The type of person you are and your values are just as important to us as your experience and skills. We only hire really kind people!

We’re looking for a highly motivated, self-driven, person who is analytical and loves solving problems – but importantly is outgoing, can be a strong team player and can have a good laugh.

Who You Are
Values we’d love from you:
  • Sense of humour with a healthy dose of humility

  • Analytical, loves data and optimising things

  • Team player and great communicator

  • Very organised and runs a tight ship

  • A self-starter

  • Able to take (and give) constructive feedback

  • Positive – a glass half full kind of person

  • Loves food


This role is hands on with many aspects of marketing from social media ad testing and managing our social media accounts to helping run events to conducting customer interviews, and everything in between. 

As the marketing and data center of the team, you will be working closely with others including the founders and content creators.

You’ll be:
  • Managing and testing social media ads and posts

  • Analysing effectiveness of marketing channels

  • Managing influencer relationships

  • Helping run BUG events

  • Conducting customer interviews

  • Jumping in to help other team members every so often

What you need to do the job effectively:
  • Believe insects are the future of food, and have a strong desire to help create a more sustainable food system

  • Can manage social media accounts like a Jedi

  • Able to manage people – particularly at events and market stalls

  • Charismatic and charming with amazing people skills

  • Be an excellent communicator

  • Entrepreneurial in solving problems. ie. can independently own a problem and find solutions

  • Speak, read and write in perfect English

  • Open to learning and getting stuck into various parts of the business outside of marketing – we're a small startup team!

  • Be able to work in our London studio (Islington)

Bonus (but not at all essential): 
  • Experieince running social media accounts for brands 

  • Expereince testing social media ads

  • Experience working with a D2C or F&B brand

  • Familiar with Wix or Shopify web platforms

  • Experience running events or marketing stalls

  • Can write clearly and succinctly, and in BUG’s jovial tone of voice

What You'll Get

£25k – £28k per annum, company share options, a real opportunity to shape the future of food with a young, fun and ambitious team in role of a lifetime (we think!), and have a blast along the way!

Please Send
  • CV and a cover letter explaining why you’d like to join us

  • Apply via link below or email work@bug.recipes

  • Subject your email 'Marketing Associate Application – Your Name' – we wont see it otherwise!

  • CV and a cover letter explaining why you’d like to join us

  • Apply via link below or email work@bug.recipes

  • Subject your email 'Marketing Associate Application – Your Name' – we wont see it otherwise!

Applications close on 14th January 2022.