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7 Tasty Edible-Insect Recipes to Surprise Your Friends

The photo shows a bowl with chocolate and cricket macarons. Under the bowl, there's a white kitchen towel with blue stripes. Around the towel, there are 3 pieces of dark chocolate, almonds and a handful of roasted crickets.

For the past few years, edible insects have slowly started replacing meat on dinner tables of people living in Western countries. And there's a good reason for that. Insects are a more sustainable nutrient source – they require less water, land, and feed per 100 grams of protein when compared to beef, and they emit much fewer greenhouse gases. On top of that, they are richer in iron than spinach, they have more calcium than milk, more potassium than bananas, and more fibre than brown rice – the list goes on!

If you want to surprise your friends with some insect-based meals and discover how delicious and versatile bugs can be, we've compiled a list of recipes you can cook with edible insects. All of the recipes were designed to "hide" insects, make your first steps as a bugatarian easier, and help your friends overcome their initial squeamishness.


A bowl with rice and cricket "meatballs" with katsu sauce.

This delicious classic is a perfect meal to cook for a casual dinner with friends. Cricket Katsu Curry is packed with all the goodness – flavourful sauce, fragrant spices, and deliciously crunchy cricket and sweet potato croquettes. It's absolutely banging!


Cricket, mushroom and truffle arancini rice balls.

Surprise your friends with these delicious rice balls straight from the sunny Sicily – we guarantee that they will brighten up every party, especially when sprinkled with some parmesan. Arancini are extremely filling, high in protein and vitamin D, and they are so indulgent. They are a little bit more time-consuming to make; however, the end result is totally worth the hassle.


In the photo, there's a piece of bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and edible insect cricket pesto.

This recipe will show your friends that edible insects are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used as a meat alternative in savoury dishes, but they also work perfectly in sweet desserts adding extra protein and delicious nutty flavour.


Quesadilla with crickets, served with sauce and coriander.

Insects are a popular delicacy in Mexico and the culture of eating bugs dates back to pre-colonial times. So if you're hosting a Mexican dinner party, don't forget to add insects to the menu. The perfect meal to smuggle some insects in is the classic Quick Cricket Quesadilla – your friends will love it!


Cricket and kale pesto rigatoni. Kale is a genuine superfood which makes the perfect switch for basil in this pesto recipe. Combine that with the high protein from the crickets and the healthy oils in the cashew nuts and this becomes so much more than just a tasty bowl of pasta.

This Cricket & Kale Pesto Rigatoni is packed with all the nutrients your body needs. Kale is a genuine superfood that makes the perfect switch for basil in this pesto recipe. Combine that with the high protein from the crickets and the healthy oils in the cashew nuts and this becomes so much more than just a tasty bowl of pasta to treat your friends with!


In the photo, there's a bowl with crispy cricket gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce and pesto

If you want to show off your cooking skills, these handmade super crispy Cricket Gnocchi will blow your friends away. Popping your cricket and potato dumplings in the oven for a few minutes will give them an extra bit of crunch, and the creamy tomato sauce with pesto will make the taste buds of your friends tingle with excitement.


Grey plate on an orange background. On the plate, there's a delicious sticky toffee pudding made with edible insects which are a sustainable meat alternative.

Now, who doesn’t like a sticky toffee? Our take on this gorgeous classic combines mealworms or crickets, dates, and black treacle, to craft a phenomenally rich pudding that hits all the right spots - sweet, soft, sticky, and outrageously tasty. Perfect for satisfying any dessert craving your friends may have.


We can't wait to see what you'll cook up for your friends! Get yourself some edible insects by clicking the link below 👇

And if you're looking for some more quick and easy edible insect recipes, check out the list of our favourite recipes you can cook in less than 30 minutes with little to no chef skills!

Until next time,

Leo & Aaron


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