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A bowl of buffalo worm cauliflower wings garnished with cilantro, spring onion and sesame seeds.

Serves: 2

Time: 30 minutes


Panko Breadcrumbs – 150g

Cornflour – 100g

Cauliflower – 1

Coriander – small handful

Sesame Seeds – 2 tbsp

Spring Onions – 3

Red Chilli – 1

Sunflower Oil – 200ml


Buffalo Worm Powder – 30g

Cornflour – 50g

Plain Flour – 30g

Cold Soda Water – 150ml

Coconut Milk – 50ml

Paprika – 2 tsp

Cayenne Pepper – 2 tsp

Garlic Powder – 2 tsp

Onion Powder – 2 tsp

Salt – 1 tsp


Oyster Sauce – 3 tbsp

Honey – 4 tbsp

Ketchup – 1 ½ tbsp

Sesame Oil – 2 tsp

Soy Sauce – 3 tbsp

Lime Juice – 1

Siracha – 100 ml

Sweet Chilli Sauce – 3 tbsp



  • Break the cauliflower head into smaller florets.

  • Blanch them in boiling water for 3 secs and let them steam dry.

  • Once they are dry, roll them in cornflour.

  • Combine all the batter ingredients, do not mix too much.

  • Make the cauliflower wings by dunking each floret into the batter and then into the breadcrumbs.

  • Heat a deep pan with sunflower oil in it on a medium-high heat (you want it to be about 180°C)

  • Put each floret into the oil until they are all golden brown in colour.

  • Rest on a tea towel or drying rack to absorb some of the oil.

MAKE THE SAUCE | 10 mins

  • Weight out all the ingredients for the sauce.

  • Heat the mixture up in a saucepan on a low-medium heat until it thickens.

SERVE | 5 mins

  • Finely chop the coriander.

  • Thinly slice the red chilli and spring onions.

  • Heat the sauce with the cauliflower wings in it.

  • Garnish with the coriander, spring onions, chillies, and sesame seeds.

Grubs up!


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