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*Fight Club rules apply. 


1. The Problem

Humans are abusing Earth and our food system is a third of the problem.


With food production having to double by 2050, the question of how we feed ourselves will be critical to the progress and success of humanity. It should be simple: food shouldn’t have to destroy our environment or be harmful to our health, it must be exactly the opposite. 


We believe the most fundamental thing we need to solve for the future to be good is our relationship with our planet  – surpassing the importance of getting to Mars, dollar razor blades, or Zuck's  grand plan for a virtual Meta-verse.


2. The Vision

We believe edible insects can and should play a major role in solving these problems, as a food that's seriously sustainable, extremely nutritious and actually very tasty. We just need to stop freaking out over their looks – after all shellfish are hardly the sexiest creatures!

To get over this stigma the ento industry must address its two most critical problems: awareness and accessibility.

3. The Plan

Phase One: Go Market

  • Build a passionate following of weird and wonderful people (like us!) who are already open minded to eating bugs. The real trendsetters.

  • Make bug eating a reality with an awesome product they truly love – like our Yum Bug Mince.

Phase Two: Grow Market 

  • Use our passionate community of bugatarians to build a grassroots growth model that spreads the word.

  • We want to be the brand to get bugs on dinner plates and in kitchens across the UK and beyond. 🚀

Phase Three: Supermarket

  • Make insect dinners such a success that the big boys can't ignore us. We hit the mass market.

  • Burgers, ready meals, or even just the whole insects. The world is our oyster (bug)!

Then, we'll get everyone to eat unicorns. Possibly. 

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