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the bug baby


We’re Leo and Aaron. We started Yum Bug as we were a little peeved by the state of the food system. Here’s the story of how we got started:

Started in a garage, now we're here.




Young bugs in a garage

We started cooking insects in our free time – out of Leo’s parents' garage. We didn’t even have a sink and it was an absolute nightmare.

Selling grub in lockdown

We hand-packed and sold over 1000 meals of insect recipe kits – out of Leo’s bedroom in lockdown to our bug-crazed fans.




Yum Bug goes full time!

Raising money from investors including Holly Branson (Virgin), Carl Pei (Nothing) and others, allowed us to go full time. We got to work developing products and even appeared on a few TV shows.

Developed range of cricket-based ingredients

We developed our current range of cricket-based meat ingredients that people already love – from mince to burger patties.

Opening a pop-up restaurant with top UK chefs

Our Shoreditch pop-up served delicous small plates designed by 16 top Chefs from Masterchef winners to Exec. Chefs at major restaurant chains. Tables sold out with thousands more on the waitlist. The whole thing was wild!



Opening our first permanent restaurant 

Following the success of the pop-up we’re opening a permanent joint – right in the heart of Finsbury Park. We sold out the first week in under an hour! Our goal is to show that insects are an incredibly delicious and undervalued superfood. Bookings are open – so come on down and say hi!

Change the world.

(After that, we'll get everyone eating unicorns)

Got a question, or a cool idea? Hit us up!

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